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233 videos with Exclusive Facesitting Girls in jeans & boots


The submissive men on Facesitting Girls love having their breathing hampered by a gorgeous Mistress as she sits on their face. I actually have a big fear of not being able to breathe, but the content here did leave me breathless at times – and I didn’t completely mind. If only they had a porn site with spiders, perhaps I could overcome that phobia as well.
Since our last visit, FacesittingGirls has made an effort to improve the design and navigation issues we noticed the last time and they did a decent job of it. The site looks a little cleaner and they added pagination options, which makes browsing much more pleasant. There’s still no favorites section, though, and they kept the constantly rotating thumbnail images, which some of us still find distracting.

All screens: – Smothering SiteRip [NEW!!!]

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