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137 HD videos: hardcore fisting, lesbian fisting

I knew what the “fisting” part of the URL meant, but I have to admit I wasn’t quite sure what the “filthy” was meant to imply. It isn’t referring to the gal’s hygiene, because all the babes look clean and showered. Although it might be more in reference to their minds and the minds of all those involved in producing these hardcore Filthy And Fisting scenes.
It takes a dirty mind to create a threesome scene in which both babes wear butt plugs, fist each other and at one point one babe gets fucked up the ass while the other fists her pussy deep. Then, at the end, the guy cums on one pair of feet and the other hottie licks it all off. We aren’t talking anything you haven’t seen before, but FilthyAndFisting does like their hardcore hard and always with a side order of fist-in-vagina (sometimes two).
There are currently 137 videos to save in an MP4 format that comes in four sizes, two of which are always in HD with the newest and best coming in Full HD. The four files are also listed as streaming options. As I look at it today, they have gone over 10 months without adding any new vids. At least I manage to track down about 100 photo sets scattered throughout the video postings.
The action varies between solo, lesbian and hardcore. The videos in which the girl plays alone usually involve her stuffing something big in her holes (a baseball bat seems to be one of the preferred choices) and then she fists herself a little. The design is good and navigating the content is pretty simple with the help of the content tags and the menu at the top of the page.

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